A History and Handbook of Photography

"A newly-designed, richly illustrated - and highly readable - classic of photography by a pioneering photographer - from a time when making a photograph took many hours, not a split-second". 

Scottish photographer John Thomson (1837-1921) is renowned for his pioneering book Street Life in London, widely regarded as a classic of social documentary and as laying the foundations for today's photojournalism. In a career which also included a series of outstanding photographic portfolios - shot in challenging conditions - documenting life, landscape and architecture in the Far East, followed by a successful studio portraiture business in London, Thomson also took time to translate and edit this edition of Gaston Tissandier's book. 
First published in 1876, it was a standard reference work of the period, and blends a concise and highly readable history of the invention and development of photography with a uniquely readable account of late-19th century photographic practice - a time when the making of a new image could be measured in hours rather than seconds. 
This newly-designed and typeset, richly illustrated, 276-page edition provides - for the first time - a highly readable and accessible selection from the original Victorian edition.
Among the many fascinating topics addressed are:
  • The arrangement of a good studio
  • lighting the object to be photographed
  • Coating the glass plate with collodion
  • Developing, fixing and varnishing the negative
  • Preparing the photographic paper for printing
  • Toning and pressing the proofs
  • The necessity for long practice
  • Photography and travel
  • How to remedy accidents with negatives and prints
  • Colouring photographs
  • Apparatus employed for enlarging negative proofs
  • Waxed paper and carbon processes
  • The dry collodion process 
The Origin of Photography
Nicéphore Niepce
The Niepce-Daguerre Partnership
The Daguerreotype
The Progress of a New Art
Operations and Processes
The Studio and Apparatus
The Negative
The Positive on Paper
Theory and Practice
Enlargement of Proofs
Problems to be Solved
Title: A History and Handbook of Photography
Author: Gaston Tissandier
Editor and Translator: John Thomson
First published: 1876
ISBN: 978-1-907697-82-1 [paperback] | 978-1-907697-83-8 [hardback] | 978-1-907697-84-5 [eBook]
Size: 203 x 127mm
Illustrations: 38
Pages: 276 
Price: £27.95 [paperback] | £57.95 [hardback] | eBook £19.95
Publisher: MuseumsEtc
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